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Where is Moc Chau?

Moc Chau is the largest and most beautiful plateau of the Northern Vietnam in Son La province. It is located on the Northwest route which is famous for its magnificent landscape, pretty villages along the road with Cruciferae season, peach and plum blossom season.

Its cold weather and the thick layers of fog bring breath-taking beauty and great fascination to Moc Chau’s natural scenery. This beauty attracts a lot of tourists coming here to experience and explore.

Pine Forest in Ang village

You can rent a bicycle or take a stroll in Ang village to learn about the local life, admire bamboo rattan products and brocade or you can buy some souvenirs as gifts. In addition, in order to immerse yourself into the local life, you can try staying in stilt house, eating rustic local meal, joining the fire camping at night, they are all interesting activities.

Another site in Ang village is the Pine forest by the clear, sparkling lake. The pine forest is full of lush green trees reflecting its shade into the water surface; this is an ideal campsite for groups of friends. In the morning and afternoon, the pine forest boasts a gentle beauty when the dew covers the surface of the lake. At noon, it is cool with rustle breeze and then the scenery put on itself romantic dreaming beauty on the full moon night.


Moc Chau Town

One of the must-see attractions in Moc Chau is the vast green hills of tea. Moc Chau Town is bordered by Dong Sang and Muong Sang commune, it is featured with endless rolling green tea hills, dairy farms and grasslands. The atmosphere in the town is not bustling, noisy but extensive and airy with clouds and the cool smell of green tea. In the town, there are many restaurants, hotels for travellers.


Five caves in On village

On village is located in Co Do zone in the dairy farm in Moc Chau town, featuring many small rolling limestone mountains intermingled with streams. The pristine forest here still retains its wild beauty; it is home to a group of five caves. If you want to visit the caves, you have to cross a bushy forest path. After crossing the steep and slippery slopes, the caves would gradually appear with its dark dome embedded inside a wonderful world. Inside the cave, there are the large stalactites in various shapes associated with folklore such as the frog god, turtle god, the stone instrument, etc. Five caves in On village is the most mysterious and pristine complex of Moc Chau.

Dai Yen waterfall

Dai Yem waterfall is the most beautiful from April to October, featuring the rushing water flow, white foam, cool temperature and majestic beauty.

Pha Luong Mountain

Located 30 kilometers away from Moc Chau town, Pha Luong Mountain with its height of nearly 2,000 meters is situated near Vietnam-Laos border. It would take you at least 3-4 hours to conquer Pha Luong Mountain.

Pha Luong has a majestic beauty and it also requires you great determination, strong spirit and well preparation to pass through the challenging mountain road to admire this beauty. Pha Luong peak consists of large rock blocks stacked on each other reaching out the space above, beneath it, you can see the clouds, vegetation along with the forests, villages of Vietnam and Laos. You can only spend one day in Pha Luong because you are not allowed staying here at night. The trip will definitely offer you great experiences.


Tips for travelling to Moc Chau:

  • Do not damage trees, crops of the locals in the flower season.
  • If you come here in the rainy season in November, prepare warm clothes to avoid colds.
  • Plums growing locations in Moc Chau include Van Ho, Long Luong, Tan Lap, Ba Phach.
  • When entering local houses, you should greet friendly; ask for permission to visit the house. Avoid disregard behaviours towards ethnic minorities such as entering the house to take photos without any permission, laughing impolitely as if the house does not have any owner; saying bad words about the customs, lifestyle of the locals. You should show your respect to them to receive their respect and love in return.
  • When buying peach or plum, do not need to bargain, because the locals here is very hospitable, selling fruits at the lowest price.
  • When visiting the village, it is recommended to prepare candy or cake to give to the children and old people to create a friendly atmosphere.

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