Things To Do In Vietnam – 7 Experience Unforgetable in Viet Nam

Things To Do In Vietnam – 7 Experience Unforgetable in Viet Nam

June 15, 2018 0 By vndiscover

What to do in Vietnam? Maybe, many tourists wonder this question before traveling to Vietnam. Indeed, Vietnam always promises to bring many different experiences for visitors and makes you feel nostalgic when leaving. Let’s take a look at some of famous destinations in Vietnam:

Take a cruise on Halong Bay

A not-to-be-missed destination in Vietnam is Ha Long Bay. If you have time, you should book the cruise in 2-day 1-night tour to admire the beauty of Ha Long Bay during the day and at night. Or you can book half-day or one-day tour to Ha Long Bay. Be sure to try kayaking and jumping from the cliff to the crystal clear water if you prefer the sport activities.

Trekking Sapa

In Sapa, you should not miss the chance to stroll along the village, explore the forest or mountain to learn about the nature and the life of the local people or admire the majestic beauty of terraced fields, mountains or waterfalls. In the trip, you can choose to stay at homestay to live with the locals. This is probably the most thrilling and impressive yet affordable experience for visitors to Vietnam.

Driving through the NorthWest by a motorcycle

Northwest Vietnam is known for its majestic mountains, stretching terraced fields and hospitability of the locals. In order to explore the beauty of the North West there is no better way than driving on beautiful roads passing through fields, forests and mountains amidst the stunning nature.

Exploring Son Doong cave

Son Doong Cave (Quang Binh, Vietnam) is known as the largest natural cave in the world. With its height of over 200 meters, width of 150 meters and length of at least 6.5 kilometers along with countless beautiful stalagmites, Son Doong cave challenges explorers to visit and conquer.

A statement of National Geographic: “There are forests in the cave and some spaces in it may contain a building of 40 stories in New York and it seems to be an endless one” inspired many adventurers come here to explore this giant cave.

Snorkeling in Phu Quoc – Home of beautiful coral reefs

Phu Quoc – the jade island – the largest island of Vietnam has a pristine and peaceful beauty featuring the white smooth sand embracing the blue water.

An interesting activity you should try here is snorkeling watching the beautiful coral reefs. Touching the colourful fish swimming around will give you many unforgettable memories.

Feel the peace of life in Hoi An ancient town

This small ancient town is recognized as World Heritage Site. It definitely brings you a lot of unforgettable memories. Coming here, you should take time riding around the streets to admire the ancient houses, strolling in the lantern lights on the night of the full moon. The scene here remains pristine like hundred years ago. Only when you come here you would understand why a simple place so attractive to visitors.


Visit the Mekong Delta in the rainy season

When the hot sun of summer is no longer harsh, it is when the Mekong Delta enters the rain season. Exploring the famous markets such as Cai Rang, Cai Be, you will be immersed into the miniature version of the water land with plenty of garden products such as mango, orange, rambutan, Pitaya.

A cultural experience full of sounds, images, taste buds and scents will help you learn a lot in the journey to explore the Mekong Delta.

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