Tips for foreigners when travelling to Vietnam

Tips for foreigners when travelling to Vietnam

June 16, 2018 0 By vndiscover


Prevent theft while travelling

As a Vietnamese, I cannot deny that robbery can occur almost anywhere in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh City (Sai ​​Gon). In other places, if you do not take care of your belongings carefully, you may be stolen or mugged. Especially, in Ho Chi Minh City, you needs to be highly vigilant. Just wear handbags, jewellery or use the phone in public places, on streets, you may be robbed. It is dangerous if you fight back, as armed robbers may injure you. So, keep all your belongings in the hotel when you take a stroll in Ho Chi Minh City.

Prevent being overcharged when eating, using services

Almost everywhere in Vietnam, this problem may happen, so ask the price before you eat or use services.

Traffic in Vietnam

Traffic in Vietnam is quite complicated, and people often do not follow the rules. It means that when you see the green light at the crossroads, it is not really safe to cross the street, so pay close attention. When you want to cross a busy road, do not wait, calmly cross the road, the drivers will avoid you.

Food in Vietnam

The food at some restaurants in Vietnam is not really clean, whether it is a large restaurant or a small roadside one. So when you come to Vietnam, prepare some antidiarrheal beforehand.

Be careful when taking a traditional taxi or motorcycle taxi

If you have learned about Vietnam, you probably know the motorcycle taxi service. This service is available all over the Vietnam, which is quite convenient if you want to move in close proximity. However, drivers often overcharge or choose a longer route when they meet foreigners. A lot of taxi drivers do that. So, search the route you are going to take in advance. Check the price of taxi and motorcycle taxi in Vietnam.

Customs practices

In large cities, except for holy places such as temples and pagodas, Vietnamese people are quite friendly, so you can relax and just be yourself. But when you go to the villages of the ethnic people on the highland, it’s another story. There are a lot of things you need keep in mind while travelling here. Ask your tour guide or host before you intend to do anything.


Except for those who working in tourism industry and students, most Vietnamese do not speak English. So you should thoroughly search information about everything in advance or learn or write down some necessary Vietnamese words with English meaning.


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