Sapa Travel Guides – Best time, Things to do and Tourist attractions in Sapa

Sapa Travel Guides – Best time, Things to do and Tourist attractions in Sapa

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Where is Sapa located?

Sapa is a popular destination in Lao Cai province, Northwest Vietnam, famous for its cool climate, breath-taking scenery and cultural tourism. It is also where many ethnic groups living together. Travelling to Sapa, you will have chances to enjoy the romantic scenery and cool fresh air of the temperate climate in the mountain. Sapa along with HaLong Bay is the most tourist attraction of northern Vietnam

Best time to visit Sapa?

You can come here all year round. The weather here is cool in the summer. Though it is cold and sometimes snows in the winter, but this is the ideal time to admire sea of clouds and fog hanging over the town. 2-day 1-night trip is enough for you to explore the stunning tourist sites in Sapa. But if you have more time, you should try to immerse yourself in the life of ethnic people in the village or go trekking Sapa to explore the beauty of Vietnam’s Northern Highlands.

Things to do in Sapa:

  • Trekking to the villages, sleeping at Homestay, learning about local people’s life.
  • Going to Tinh Yeu Waterfall (Love Waterfall), O Quy Ho mountain pass by motorcycle
  • Climbing Ham Rong Mountain to admire the panoramic view of Sapa in a beautiful day
  • Enjoying grilled food and alcohol of the ethnic minorities
  • Climbing Fansipan, spending one night sleeping in tent on the slopes

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Tourist attractions in Sapa :

There are many tourist attractions to visit in Sapa, but the most popular ones for visitors include: Ta Van village, Lao Chai village, Ta Phinh Village, Cat Cat Village, Ham Rong Mountain, and Silver Waterfall. These attractions are scattered throughout Sapa. You should rent a motorbike for savings, or rent a car. Motorbike rental is USD4-9 per day depending on type of motorbike. It is quite easy to rent a motorbike here and you would have to fuel up it by yourself. In order to rent cars, you should ask for more information at the hotel you stay at.


Ham Rong mountain

Ham Rong Mountain is located right next to Sapa town, you can walk to this attraction from your hotel. From the top of Ham Rong Mountain, you can admire the panoramic view of Sapa, Muong Hoa Valley, Sa Pa, Ta Phin hidden in the smog.

Sa Pa Stone Church

Situated in the center of Sapa town, the Sa Pa Stone Church was built in 1895. It is considered the most ancient intact architectural landmark built by the French and a symbol of Sapa – the Town of Fog.

The terraced rice fields in Sapa

When traveling to Sapa, you should visit the terraced fields spreading around Sapa town. The best time to admire the rice terraces is during the harvest time. It is usually from September to mid-October, the time varies depending on when the field is ripe each year.

Fansipan Mountain

Mount Fansipan is a popular destination in Sapa, also the rendezvous of many climbers. Visitors can book tours of professional travel agents or organize tours by themselves with the guide of the local peoples to conquer the mountain. Since 2016, cable car ride to Fansipan Mountain has been completed, making it the most convenient way to conquer the highest peaks in Indochina.

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Admission fee of some attractions in Sapa

  • Ham Rong mountain: VND70,000
  • Cat Cat Village: USD2.5
  • Sin Chai Village: USD1
  • Lao Chai – Ta Van – Ban Ho Village: USD1.5
  • Mat Tra – Ta Phin Village: USD1.5
  • Silver Falls: USD0.5
  • Love Waterfall: USD1.8
  • Fansipan cable car: USD31 round trip

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