Dong Xuan Market Introduce – Hanoi Travel

Dong Xuan Market Introduce – Hanoi Travel

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Where is Dong Xuan Market?

About 1km far from Hoan Kiem Lake, Dong Xuan Market is located inside the Old Quarter. In the West of the market is Dong Xuan Stress, Hang Khoai Stress is in the North, Cau Dong Stress is in the South, and Dong Xuan Alley is in the East.

Dong Xuan Market is one of the largest markets in Hanoi and also the largest market in the Old Quarter. It has existed for hundreds of years since the Nguyễn dynasty.


History of Dong Xuan Market

According to some written records, Dong Xuan market opened before 1888. But about 1889, the French planned and gathered all stores into empty land in Dong Xuan ward, establishing the Dong Xuan market today. In the very first year of opening, the market was operated outdoor or behind the covering roofs. After being officially built in 1890, the market five arch doors, and five rooms of 54m length and 19m height, 25m width. The market had a total area of about 6,500m2

After completion of construction, the market only opened every two days, but later due to the need of economic development trade, the market started to open daily from morning till night. Commodities sold in Dong Xuan market are abundant including agricultural products, foodstuffs, vegetables, fabrics, household goods, appliances made in France, China, India.

Later, in 1994, the market was destroyed in a fire that resulted in the loss of an estimated USD4.5 million in stock. This is the largest market fire in Hanoi so far.

In 1995, Dong Xuan Market was officially rebuilt into 3 floors with a total surface area of about 14,000m² and nearly 2,000 business booths. Dong Xuan Market now retains a large number of trading and selling zones, many stairs and airy walkways with 3 entrances in front, 2 in rear, 2 in both sides, 2 outdoor stairs to Dong Xuan Market – Bac Qua Market, 5 stairs to the upper floors and a system of modern lift.

Despite the time rhythm, the market has been still vivid with each historical milestone and crowded with buyers and sellers for over 100 years. Not only is it home to most bustle and hustle in Hanoi city, Dong Xuan Market also contains numerous spiritual cultural values, reflecting the life and activities of hanoier



Dong Xuan Night Market is located in the Old Quarter, Hanoi. Starting from Hang Dao Street and ending at Dong Xuan Market, this market stretches up to three kilometers with many commercial activities and customary art performance.

On Saturday evenings, at the two beginning of the street, people often hold traditional folk arts and cultural performances such as chèo, xẩm, quan họ, ca trù. This is a unique feature of the night market, which attracts a lot of tourists, especially foreign visitors.

Dong Xuan night market opens from 6pm to 10.30pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The market is most crowded from 8pm to 10pm. If you want to explore this market, it is recommended to come here at 20h, the more crowded the market, the more interesting it is. There are all kinds of products here including clothes for kids and adults, handbags, backpack, belts, household furnishings and appliances, souvenirs, decorations, cuisine etc. Visitors can take a walk while shopping for products in the market. Going around the market, finding for yourself a favourite item; watching an art performance or finding a food stall in the market to enjoy Hanoi cuisine is some of the must-try activities for you when exploring Dong Xuan Night Market.

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