HaLong Bay Cave Systems Discover

HaLong Bay Cave Systems Discover

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HaLong Bay Cave Systems

Featuring beautiful caves and limestone islands, Halong Bay has been twice recognized as the World Natural Heritage by UNESCO. HaLong Bay has a total area of 1553 square kilometres, including 1969 islands featuring special shapes which bring a picturesque beauty to HaLong Bay. Here are some of the most beautiful caves to visit in HaLong Bay.


  1. Sung Sot cave

Sung Sot cave is located at the heart of HaLong Bay. Discovered by the French in 1901, Sung Sot cave is also known as “the Cave of Wonders”, voted as top 10 beautiful caves in the world. It comprises two caverns with thousands of beautiful stalactites. The first chamber can accommodate thousands of people, featuring wide ceilings and neon lights which bring magical beauty to the space. The second is a completely different space: the stalactites in various exotic shapes on the ceiling not only bring excitement but also stimulate the imagination for those who watching. When reaching the top of the cave, you can admire a fairy tale scenery with clear-water lake, abundant of plants and birds.

  1. Thien Cung cave


Bearing a splendid beauty, many visitors consider Thien Cung cave as a paradise on earth. Thien Cung cave was discovered in 1993, located on Dau Go island, 4 kilometres from HaLong cruise wharf. This is one of must-visit destinations on HaLong Bay.

The path leading to the cave is quite difficult, there are steep cliffs, trees cover two sides of road, but it is what brings excitement to conquest the cave for visitors, and once overcome the difficulties, tourists will reach the beautiful cave. The magnificent Thien Cung cave is nearly 10,000 square kilometres, its stalactites which are wonderful artwork of nature appear everywhere in the cave. The end of the cave leading to the outside, the sunlight passes through the ceiling to the interior space.

  1. Dau Go cave

Hang Dau cave is located on Dau Go island. In the war against Mongolia (China), it was where Hung Dao King made a lot of wood stakes to dip into Bach Dang River where now still remains many wooden heads of the stakes.

The cave is about 5000 square kilometres, located at an altitude of 27 metres above sea level. It is divided into three main chambers with many beautiful stalactites on the walls, ceilings creating a vivid beauty. The first one has dome shape creating a large space, the ceiling has a lot of magnificent stalactites in various shapes. In the second chamber, tourists will be amazed by the magical beauty of the gentle sunlight entering the cave through small cracks. The third chamber is located at the head of Dau Go cave, featuring the big columns which exquisitely created by the hand of nature.

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  1. Trinh Nu Cave and Trong Cave

Trinh Nu Cave is located on Bo Hon Island. It is in the same cave system with Sung Sot cave, Dong Tien lake, Luon cave. Trinh Nu cave and Trong cave is 750 metres away from Sung Sot cave, associating with a legend of a desperate love. When entering the cave, visitors will be impressed by the image of a young girl with long hair lying down, looking to the far away sea, her eyes evoke a sadness as if she was waiting for someone. It is said that she is looking towards Trong cave where her lover was buried. Therefore, tourists visiting Trinh Nu cave and Trong cave can admire the stalactites and beautiful sight and hear the local people telling about the tragic love story of this young couple.

  1. Me Cung cave

Me Cung cave is also one of the most beautiful caves in HaLong Bay, located on Lom Bo island, about 2 kilometres south west of Ti-top island. Though the entrance is small, the inside space is magnificent with a multi-chamber structure that makes visitors feel like they are getting lost in a maze with lots of elegant stalactites. This is also referred to as the palace of the Persian emperors and the murmur of the sea is the voice of Seshevatas telling the One Thousand and One Nights to the king.

HaLong Bay has many beautiful natural caves which are exploited to become tourist attractions such as Bo Nau cave, Kim Quy cave, Tam Cung cave, Luon cave. If you have the opportunity to travel HaLong, it is recommended to take time to explore all these caves.

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